Member-Member Tournament

Welcome to the 2017 Member – Member Tournament, Salem’s premier event of the season! Please review this information carefully.  The Pro Shop or Tournament Committee* can answer any questions.

Schedule of Events

(Subject to change)

Friday, September 8th – Optional Practice Round – Skins game
5:30 – 6:30 PM     Long Drive Contest (# Flights!) Behind the Clubhouse
6:00 – 8:30 PM     Open Bar
6:30 PM               Calcutta Auction Get your Silent Auction bids in early!!
6:30-8:30 PM       Raw Bar, Heavy Hors D’oeuvres and Carving Stations
8:00 PM               Auction for “The Field” (if necessary)

Saturday, September 9th – First Three Matches
6:30 – 9:30 AM    Continental Breakfast
7:30 AM               Tee Times begin for Round 1 Beverage Stations on #6 and 15 and beverage cart on-course.
10:15 AM             Tee Times begin for Round 2 Beat The Pro Contest on #10 during rounds 2 and 3
1:00 PM               Tee Times begin for Round 3 BBQ Lunch “on the go” on the Upper Terrace

Sunday, September 10th – Final Two Matches and Shootout
6:30 – 7:30 AM    Continental Breakfast 7:30 AM     Shotgun-for Rounds 4 and 5

      • Longest Drive Contests on #8 and 18 (must be in fairway)
      • Closest-to-Pin on all par 3’s
      • Beverage Stations on #6 and 15 and beverage cart on-course.
      • Lunch served after play
      • Shootout on #9, 10, and 18
      • Awards Ceremony and Raffle Drawing

The Committee reserves the right to delay matches or shorten the tournament, including cancellation due to inclement weather. In the event of a cancellation, a match in progress will be considered completed after five holes and points will be awarded accordingly.

The committee reserves the right to require slow groups to skip a hole, in which case both teams will be considered to have lost the hole.

Tournament Rules

FORMAT: The competition is a Four-ball (Better Ball of Two) Match Play event. Teams have been seeded by combined handicap index into flights of six teams.  Matches will be played against each other team the flight. HANDICAPS: Full handicaps will be used. During each 9-hole match all handicaps in the match will be reduced by the lowest handicap in the group. One half of that result, including any half shots, will be assigned to each player by the handicap allocations for each hole. (The Committee has decided there will be no adjustment for large handicap spreads.) SCORING: There are Ten points available in each match – 1 point for each hole plus 1 point for winning the match:

      • A team will earn 1 point for each hole won.
      • If the hole is tied, each team earns one-half point.
      • The team winning the match earns an extra 1 point.
      • If the match ends in a tie, NO match point will be awarded.  (Each team earns 4.5 points.)

SUBMITTING AND POSTING SCORES: Scorecards must be turned in to the Pro Shop or staff at the scoring table. The Committee will enter your scores:  First 18 holes on Saturday as a Tournament, last 9 holes as a regular 9 hole score and 18 holes Sunday as a Tournament score.

      • If you pick-up prior to finishing a hole (encouraged to speed play), or are conceded a putt, record the score you most likely would have made.
      • Keep all players’ actual scores, not just match results.

FORFEIT/BYE/NO-SHOW: If a team receives a bye or a forfeit in advance the team shall be awarded points by playing the match against par. Otherwise, if any team is not on the tee at the assigned time, the other team shall commence play and shall be the winner of each hole played until joined by the other team.  If one member of a team does not show, the remaining member will contest the match by himself. Both partners must be present to participate in the Shoot Out. TIES: Flight winners will be determined by Sudden Death playoff starting on the Ninth hole, continuing as necessary to 10, then back to 9, etc.  Handicapping will remain as in the matches. Ties for flight Runner-up will be determined by the match played between the tied teams, then by most match wins, then by a match of cards from the match played between those teams. PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded to the Flight Champions and Runners-up, and the Grand Champion & Runner-Up. The Grand Champion will be determined in the following manner: Each Flight Champion will qualify for the Shoot-Out, which will be alternate shot stroke play starting on Hole #9 (130 yds). Teams tied for the lowest score will advance to Hole #10 (teams not tying are eliminated). Teams tied for low score on #10 will advance to Hole #18 (130 yards).  If necessary, play will return to 9, 10, and 18 until one team is remaining as Grand Champion. A tie for runner-up will be resolved by a team chip-off. Flight Bets: Mandatory Entry Fee – $100 per man or $200 per team, optional Fee of $200 per man or $400 per team. Pay your flight Captain, (denoted by a *).  Vote within your flight among the following options:

$100 Per Man $200 Per Man
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
First $800 $700 $1600 $1400
Second $400 $300 $800 $600
Sunday Points $0 $200 $0 $400

BEAT THE PRO: An opportunity for pro shop merchandise at a discount. Bet up to $200. If your ball lands on any grass surface you receive that amount in pro shop credit. If you hit the green you receive twice the amount bet. If you hit the green and beat the pro, you get three times your money. But, if your ball comes to rest in a sand bunker – sorry you lose!

CALCUTTA: Everyone will have the opportunity to bid, auction style, on each team in every flight.   Participation is completely voluntary.

Silent Auction for Wildcard Selection:  A Silent Auction Box will be available for each flight.  Bids can be placed in the boxes starting at cocktails on Friday.  Prior to the auction of each flight, the highest Silent Bid will be the Wildcard winner and have a choice of any team in the flight.  The remaining teams in that flight will be auctioned.

Regular Auction: Each team will have a minimum opening bid of $200.   The auctioneer will announce the minimum bid increment for each flight. If a team does not receive the minimum bid it will be assigned to “the Field.”  A team in the Field will NOT be able to participate in the Buyback program. Auctioneers will allow no more than fifteen seconds between bids.

At the conclusion of the flight auction, ALL teams remaining in the field will be sold in a SINGLE live auction. The owner of the field will collect all winnings by any team in the field.

The Field Auction proceeds will be allocated among the flights according to the teams in the field. (E.g. if the Field consists of two teams from Flight 7, one from Flight 5, and one team from Flight 4, one quarter of the field selling price will be allocated to Flight 4, one quarter to Flight 5, and half to Flight 7.)

Buy Back
Every team (except those in the Field) may buy back a 50% share of their team directly from the winning bidder. It is recommended, but not required, that teams buying back inform the tournament committee, in case of dispute.

All bets should be paid the conclusion of the bidding. The strict deadline for payment is your first Saturday tee time or your bet will be forfeit. Cash is preferred. Checks should be made payable to CASH. You must write one check for each team won.

 It is your responsibility to find and pay the person responsible for collecting bets!  

65% to the owner of the winning team in each flight
25% to the owner of the second place team in each flight
10% of each flight pool goes to the shootout pool. The shootout pool will be split 70% to the Grand Champion and 30% to the Runner-up.

GALLERY POOL: $500 has been funded by the Golf Committee to reward all teams in the Grand Champion’s flight.  Stay to see the winner of your flight win the shootout you will receive a payout of one-tenth of the gallery pool, presented during the awards ceremony; you must be present to collect. Shootout winners are not eligible.

Good Luck and Good Golf,

Tom Gerber
Tournament Chairmen

*The Tournament Committee consists of the above chairmen plus Golf Committee Tournament Chairman Peter Schultz, Golf Committee Chairman Harry Dayton, and Head Golf Professional Charlie Poole.