Membership at Salem Golf Club

Becoming a Member of Salem Golf Club

Members join the Salem Golf Club to enjoy a selective experience that is sophisticated, yet relaxed.  While exclusive on every level, our club’s culture offers a laid-back atmosphere that fosters golf players’ love of the game, competition, unpretentious comradery and family time. The bucolic Westchester property, clubhouse, and Pool House offer the ideal oasis to play, unwind, network or just have lunch, dinner or cocktails with friends and family.

Because  Salem Golf Club is a privately-owned, private non-equity golf club , members enjoy unique advantages, including a policy that excludes assessments to club members when capital improvements are made.  Additionally, the club does not require tee-times, which means there are no scheduling or cancellation concerns.

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Membership Categories

Family Golf Membership                                   Single Golf Membership

Junior Golf Family Membership                        Junior Golf Single Membership

Senior Golf Family Membership                       Senior Golf Single Membership

Weekday Golf Family Membership                   Weekday Golf Single Membership

Family Sports Membership                               Single Sports Membership

Social/Fitness Membership                               Non-Resident Golf Membership

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