Two Man Scramble y

Saturday, October 7th

 8:30 Shotgun


Play Hole’s #’s 1-6: Better Ball Of Two – 100%hdcp


Play Hole’s #’s 7-12:Modified Alternate Shots (A & B tee off – choose which drive to hit – Alternate until holed.

50 % of the combined hdcp.


Play Hole’s #’s 13-18: Scramble – 40 % of the combined hdcp.


Example: If You Start On Hole # 5 You Would Play Holes 5 & 6 As Better Ball, Then Starting On Hole #7 You would Change Over To A Alternate Shot format, Then On Hole #’s 13-18 You Would Change Over To The Scramble Format, Then On Hole #’s 1,2,3,&4 You Would Switch Back Over To The Better Ball Format.

Record Your Gross Score on Each Hole



1st Gross & 1st Net in each format

1st & 2nd Low Gross overall

1st – 4th Low Net overall

Closest To the Hole on all par 3’s