Memorial Cup

Front Nine Pinehurst Format
• Each player hits a tee shot
• Each player then plays their partners ball
• The team shall then chose which ball shall be played to completion of the hole
• The team shall continue to play alternate shots with the chosen ball until it is holed out.
• Penalty shots if necessary are added to the team score and do not affect order of play
• Team handicap is 50% of combined

Back Nine Scramble Format
• Each player must use 2 drives
• Each player hits, choose the best shot – until holed
• Ball may be placed within one club length, but must stay in the same condition. (rough, fairway etc.)
• On the putting green the ball may be moved one putter head width.
• One score per hole – Handicap is 50% of combined
• Sunday – Better ball of two @ 90% of Handicap